Tuesday 25 August 2009

Space Hulk 3rd (Limited) Edition

When my antipodean gaming chum, drinking partner (difficult given the 12K miles separation!) and first class chap Tas, of http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/ fame told me of the imminent release of the 3rd edition of the classic 'Aliens' inspired game Space Hulk I was properly excited at the prospect. This game is tremendous fun and I can remember many great sessions of alien mayhem when the first edition came out in the 80s. I had quite a large collection based on this version (now in the collection of Mr Fox) but missed out when the second came around. That has recently been rectified as I have managed to source a copy in exchange for my efforts in the previously mentioned 18th century ebay extravaganza. The number of models in the game is small and the subject matter for painting does not present too much in the way of a problem (even for me!) so as a mini project thus ticks all the boxes. Coupled with the copy of Tyranid Attack acquired in the same way as the aforementioned Space Hulk I have the makings of a reasonable 28mm Sci Fi set up that will not be a major hassle getting ready to use. With this in mind I took a gander at the GW website to see the 3rd edition and how it could be added in to my existing set up. I have to say, I was quite disappointed by what I saw.

The figures look absolutely gorgeous but they are character figures - not rank and file (at least IMHO) types. The components look fantastic but I have to say that they are really not what I am looking for - the marines seem to be too fussy with loads of banners and scrolls etc on the armour. This is a part of the WH40K I really struggle with as to me it looks plain wrong having all that flam and paradiddle stuck on a suit of powered armour. Some of the poses look great as one off figures but would you want a unit of marines pulling up floor plates or holding the skull and spine of a dead alien? The 2nd edition models are far more suitable for my low key and subtle rank and file marines (?) and so I shall pass on acquiring a copy of the 3rd edition.
I must confess to liking my sci fi game rules brash and noisy but the whole WH40K thing has never really ticked the boxes for me. I love the figures and support material etc but only where they overlap with my own thoughts on the genre. That said, Space Hulk is a genuinely tense and exciting game (especially with the timer in use with the first edition) and can easily be expanded to incorporate many varieties of sci fi figures. The fact that terrain is gridded as well makes it even more attractive.
"In Space, no-one can hear you scream....................................."


CWT said...

Ah, I remember the 1989 original - my box actually fell apart, it was used so much! The first terminators were remarkably plain and drab by current GW standards.

I think boardgamegeek also has links to ebay sites for the old editions, so if your interest is up and you want to go all retro, you can get an older 'classic' version.


David Crook said...

Yes I was very pleased to get the 2nd edition but could certainly use some more of the plastics from that version. The 1st set models were quitewooden but I liked the idea of the flamer conversion using a clip on flamer which went on the storm bolter. I will need another set of 10 marines which will be sufficient for my purposes - this will allow for a couple of conversions, particularly a pair of assault cannon armed models.

Paul O'G said...

I must admit that that as I still have the 3 boxes from 1st Edition (in used and loved, but very playable condition), I am also going to pass on 3rd edition. However, I hope we see a resurgence of support and new missions which we can use with the earlier editions.

In the meantime, I'm just going to say this: 25mm Pith Helmeted Royal Marines in darl corridors pursuing Martians - VSH Space Hulk anyone?

David Crook said...

VSF Space Hulk? Now that is a good idea! You would not need a whole pile of figures for it either and making up squared corridor sections on a PC would be really easy. I need to go and lie down now - just to get my head around this.............;-)

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