Monday 3 August 2009

The Story So Far.........

Just a quick catch really to let you know what has been happening in the Rayleigh Factorium. The ACW ships are still underway - I have not touched a paintbrush this weekend but will resume this evening. The small extra order from Tumbling Dice has arrived and the model of the French Ironclad Gloire (that I shall be using as USS New Ironsides) is absolutely gorgeous! My other small order for some 2mm Sci Fi stuff for the OGRE project has also arrived and is very nice as well. As mentioned previously I have everything I need for this and as soon as the ACW stuff is ready I shall press on with this - prior to starting college. I have also changed the storage system I use for the 1/3000th ships. I was using magnetic strip on the inside of some polythene storage boxes I acquired from the local branch of Hobbycraft but the strip would not stick for very long and would curl up at the edges. I then had a brainwave and by using double sided sellotape was able to line the boxes with paper and then stick the strips onto this. the result is much better as the adhesive used on the magnetic strip 'takes' far better on the paper. The boxes themselves are 34 x 31cm and roughly 25mm deep so are a very handy size for the fleets I have thus far. I am also looking long and hard at the land element of the ACW Riverine stuff I have - the solution is fairly radical and I hope to have some pictures ready in the next couple of days.

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