Monday 1 February 2010

Balkan Intrigues

At long last I have completed the clean up of my 15mm Balkan Wars figures prior to undercoating and painting. The major decision reached as a result of the Morschauser play test (see the previous post) is that the figures are going to be based individually rather than in multiples. It also means that the forces I currently have will be plenty big enough and so no extra figures will be required for either the Turks or the Bulgarians. Now these are at this stage in the process I can also start to think about scenery etc. I am awaiting some wooden buildings from Amazon but am thinking about some other more theatre specific dwellings. Given the stylised nature of the Morschauser system I am seriously considering a radical approach to the whole scenery issue, in part based on the observations of various systems in use for buildings e.g. grid square sized boxes with printed buildings or woods etc or 2d style semi flat terrain. A number of ideas were discussed on this subject with Chris during the play test and they have given me much food for thought. Using the net as a resource means that many great pictures can be downloaded and manipulated into usable terrain and many gamers have done this both successfully and cheaply.

First things first though - I need to get the figures painted before worrying too much about the terrain!

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