Monday, 22 February 2010

Morschauser Afloat - Close to Launch!

I have managed to finally agree how the number of attack and defence dice will be assigned by ship class which is the final step before drafting the ship specs. Once this is completed I will then be ready for the final play test. The rules and all the associated charts etc will be available to anyone that wants a set and I am hoping that any resultant feedback will help to improve the final version.

I am thinking ahead for these rules (as I did for the DBSA variant) to cover the WW2 era and of course the impact of air power on naval operations. I also have in mind an earlier variant - ironclads and such like - for the germ of a project I am considering involving all manner of things! This will be a long term effort and will involve the Balkan armies currently under the brush. More on this to follow in due course.


SteelonSand said...

Great news Ogre, I shall be watching this with interest; by the way, did you see the announcement on TMP that the Nafziger OOBs are now available as free downloadable PDFs -lots of good Balkan stuff in there.
If you go to the follwing URL:

and look at the PDFs marked 912NJTA, 912NLTB, etc in the far right column a little way down from the top -definitely worth a look!

David Crook said...

Hi SoS, Thanks for the heads up on this. Those Nafziger orbats are really useful! Rules and ship charts are ready - I just need the final playtest prior to unleashing them on the world.

All the best,