Thursday, 4 February 2010

Morschauser Afloat Part 2

I have completed the first draft of the rules and am now ready to play test the result. as mentioned previously, all that remained for me to do was to then tackle the amendments to the existing ship specification charts I had already compiled for use with mt DBSA Great War variant. I duly sat down to revise the Balkan Wars ship lists when I was suddenly reminded of just why I tackled the Royal Navy and the German High Seas Fleet first before venturing into the Eastern Mediterranean. They are bigger, much bigger and as a result have a lot more ships so establishing a base line for ship classifications of a particular type is easier and more meaningful by virtue of the available choice of vessels. Unfortunately, both the RN and the Germans were the first ship tables I tackled last year at the start of the DBSA project and the subsequent various rethinks I had as the set evolved were not reflected in them as I concentrated exclusively on the Balkan and Black Sea fleets. The upshot of all this is that I will have to tackle the RN and High Seas Fleet first and they will need proportionally more work to bring up to the current standard than the more modest Greek and Turkish fleet lists. It serves me right really, I should have kept them up to speed with what I was using on the table top!

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