Sunday, 14 February 2010

Cloths, Trees and Digital Cameras

Not a huge amount has been done this weekend as domesticity reigned supreme as SWMBO had her birthday yesterday and today is of course Valentine's day. I did however, manage to fit in a couple of gaming related jobs the first of which concerned my Morschauser 11 x 11 3" squared green felt cloth. I decided to go over the grid lines with a green permanent marker as the first run using a Posco Paint Pen seemed to fade quite quickly. Using the marker pen thickened up the lines somewhat but they are now not quite so sharp and so merge into the cloth far better. I was pleased with the result and will try to get some pictures in due course.

The second task was to have a sort out of my modelling cupboard or rather, put stuff back in the right place! It was not hugely untidy but needed tackling and so I was able to have a good rummage through various boxes. Needless to say, a number of long forgotten about items managed to surface including various sheets of plasticard and plastic rod of various sizes, sundry paints and some knife blades. All useful stuff - especially for scratchbuilding which I shall be undertaking for my various VSF projects later in the year.

One of the more obscure finds though was the cardboard trees from the recent Dungeons and Dragons boardgame. These are roughly 6cm high and are put together by sliding one piece over the other so when viewed from above a cross is formed enabling them to stand up. I have in mind a similar approach for buildings and so these were quite a useful find. All I needed to do was to go around the edges of the foliage and the trunk with green and brown respectively to disguise the card edges and they are ready to use. The only downside is that they are a little glossy but it occurred to me that copying them would be pretty easy and so whole forests could be cheaply churned out.

One other piece of news which will benefit the blog no end is that SWMBO has sanctioned the acquisition of a new digital camera with far more features than out present one. This will mean that I will at last be able to get some decent pictures to add to the blog!

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