Monday 25 October 2010

Axis and Allies: War at Sea - The Finale

Now I know that this set of rules is probably deeply offensive to the naval purist but I can safely say that some of my most exciting naval games have been played using them. Accuracy may be lacking but they sure make up for this in entertainment value!

However, I have been faced with a conumdrum of how to make use of the models (1/1800th) at home. I have considered umpteen different ways of using them but without success as they are simply too large for the available space and playing area I have.

I have therefore taken the decision to offload the entire collection and to replace the same with 1/3000th scale kit funded from the proceeds.

My naval gaming for 1890 onwards needs to be with smaller scale models and so if I am going to make use of the Hexon terrain tiles then the larger models are unsuitable and can only really be enjoyed on a club night.

I can be quite ruthless when it comes to disposing of material (and yes, I know I will probably regret it in time!) but I honestly believe that this is the right decision for my own particular circumstances - besides, I enjoy painting 1/3000th ships - which is probably just as well given the acres of them I will be painting over the next few months or so!


Paul O'G said...

Good God Sir! Scuttle the fleet? But just think of what you can do with the new line of funding from the Treasury!!!!

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

You got it in one buddy! I need smaller models.....and more of them......;-)