Sunday 24 October 2010

Hexon Terrain by Kallistra

I have been and gone and done it. I have ordered a box of Kallistra Blue hex tiles for use with naval and aerial games. A box contains 21 x 6 hex tiles and I also ordered a pack of 10 single hexes to go with them. My plan is to have a playing area 13 x 9 hexes which is (I believe) the same size as a standard Memoir '44/Battle Cry playing board.

There are many sets of rules that are available either as freebies or commercially that utilise a hexagonal grid and so this set up will be a useful addition to my collection. The only problem this now presents me with concerns my Axis and Allies: World War 2 collection. As I have mentioned before, the models are too big for use at home and certainly would not fit on the Hexon terrain - at least the capital ships would not as they hexes measure 4" across the flat sides. For WW1 and 2 this would need 1/3000th or possibly 1/2400th. Certainly ironclads and 'wind and water' games; together with 16th century and possibly even ancients would fit nicely on the hexes.

I am looking seriously at the use of Hexon for my ground based games as well as this will be an easy effective solution for many of my gaming requirements.

Take a look at the website and you will see what I mean:


Jaylani said...

Those hexons sound great. I also collect A&A figures and was wondering about the hexes for A&A ground forces, perhaps the naval ships are too long to fit in a single hex, but the A&A tanks may just do so?

Just a hint: perhaps you can use the wizards of the coast rules for distance rather than square based combat with A&A naval. A ship may sit in more than one hex, but based on the hex location of the centre of the vessel you can measure distance, perhaps 2 hexes will roughly equal 1 square.

Let me know how you go, and I might consider buying these hexes as well.

PS: Big fan of the Ottomans as well.

Paul O'G said...

Good mnan - I've wanted a set of these for ages! Very nice

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

When they arrive I shall post some pice fear not! This may ne the start of something as I am looking at a land based set up as well.

Chin chin,


David Crook said...

Hi Jaylani,

I also have some A and A land stuff - the vehicles fit on the hexes just fine. The naval issue for me is really around the fact that I am unable to use the War at Sea models at home as they are too large. I have played the WaS rules 'off the grid' and they work really well but again, this was not at home but at my club.

The hex system is really about my desire to have a bespoke gaming surface for my own use and so the Hexon system has been one that I have long coverted and am now taking my first steps into a wider universe.....;-)

As a rule any fan of the Ottoman Turks is always more than welcome here!

All the best,


jmilesr said...

I too, have been interested in the Hexon range and look forward to seeing how how your experience goes


SteelonSand said...

David, glad to see you'll be investing in these hexes, as I've been looking at them as a possible board option to use with 2mm Fantasy bases, a la Mighty Empires, so would be interested in a what you think once they arrive - particularly in how they fit together - are there, clips, for instance, to hold them locked in place, and are these any good - Review when you're ready, please!

David Crook said...

Hi Miles,

I am a relative novice in the Hexon user stakes - Bob Cordery is the man to check out as he has acres of the stuff! I am really excited about it though as it will solve a lot of gaming issues for me.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi SoS,

I am really excited about getting what will be the first stage of a hexed terrain collection. They are held together by clips and set up is very fast - even for those games set on land! The order was despatched today so I should be reviewing later in the week all being well.

All the best,