Saturday 2 October 2010

Minifigs Ships, The Balkan Arms Race and The Spanish Civil War

Readers of the blog will no doubt recall my mentioning the recent acquisition of a further quantity of the long out of production Minifigs 1/1200th scale WW1 ships. I will post some pictures in due course of these (also when I found the copy of the catalogue naming the models in question!) but I wanted to share at this early stage exactly what my plans are with this collection. The models are of ships that are British in origin but can easily be used for just about anybody for the period 1905 to 1920. Without exception, the models has suffered severe damage in respect of masts so these will be completely removed and perhaps pole masts added from piano wire or something similar.

The plan is to use these ships for a pair of Balkan fleets - based loosely on that of the Ottoman Turks and the Greeks. I say loosely because most of these ships the respective nationalities never owned; nor even ordered. I fully intend using these models in conjunction with Aeronef and so whilst not strictly being VSF it will be close enough as makes little difference!

So once again I shall be immersed in grey paint but that is not a problem - especially as I now have a further small project heaving over the horizon in the shape of a pair of 1/3000th scale Spanish Civil War fleets - Republican and Nationalist.

Rules wise I intend to use a variant of Axis and Allies: War at Sea as these are simple, fast playing and will enable a good club night game to take place.


Paul O'G said...

Just dont look at the awesome Viking and Saxon hard plastic figs made by Wargames Factory - cheap, fantastic quality and now I have no excuse to not do that dark Age skirimishing I've been hankering for. Remember I warned you first....

David Crook said...

Ah yes my young Padawan - but now I have reached the sagacious age of 50 I will no longer be lured to the dark side of frivolity and impulse purchases in the name of gaming................they do look very nice though......MUST STAY FOCUSED...MUST STAY....d'oh, where is the catalogue?