Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Welcome Treat

Wow! This was only posted yesterday and it arrived this morning (well done to the PO!)  - my long awaited copy of Jane's Fighting Ships 1914. Really pleased to have finally secured a copy of this and next on the list of similar acquisitions will the 1919 edition (as recently mentioned by Tim Gow in his blog - Megablitz and More)

No prizes for guessing what I will be doing this evening then!


Paul O'G said...

Nice acquisition!

Tim Gow said...

A worthy addition to you shelves David.

Anonymous said...

I have had this reprint since high school (more than 40 years). It is a great resource. I did once make the mistake of using the deck plans as literal plans for models. Some rework was required when I found out they were only schematic.

David Crook said...

Hi Chaps,

I am really pleased to have acquired this and although I know some of the detail can vary somewhat it is like having an old friend on the shelf. I particularly like some of the occasional pithy comments about certain ship types.

Certainly the plans are good enough for my modest modelling efforts which are only concerned with the overall effect rather than super detail.

1919 will be next - so as the Great War is 'straddled' - and I am also on the hunt for a 1906 to 1921 Conways.

All the best,