Monday 19 September 2011

Block the Cashbah....

With the recent acquisition of some additional sets of blocks I am now in the position where I can think about some other forces to represent. My thoughts in this respect have led me to look at the various colonial adventures of the 19th century. I already have sets of blocks ready for the major European armies but thus far nothing for the native opposition. As these troops are invariably irregular and largely tribal I wanted to have a  suitably ragged look to the blocks - at least in terms of the overall colour in use. As a result of my deliberations I am producing a set that uses black, white and brown for the labels with the symbols being varied in terms of the colours used. Taking a standard infantry block as an example you can see that it is divided into four triangles. Usually these are all one colour but for the irregulars I will mix up the three shades to create that untidy and non-uniform look. 
Initially the plan is to use these for Zulus, Mahdists, Afghans and Arabs so I can cover everything from 1879 onwards without too much difficulty.
The Arab Revolt - both the Bedouin and the Sanussi versions - has long been of interest to me so by using the blocks in this way I will have the ability to game some of these actions. The size of such campaigns and the battles resulting from the same are great fun for the tabletop and for solo gaming so this is ideally suited to my needs.
I will need to treat myself to a box of sand flocked Hexon tiles though if I am to war game in 'Arabia Deserta'.

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