Monday 16 December 2013

A Very Special Day

Yours truly and the officially grown up Holly - I am not ashamed to admit that I did have a bit of a wobble when I saw this picture!

Yesterday, the 15th December was a day of much celebration. My darling daughter Holly reached 18 years of age. I cannot really add much to this other than to say how proud and blessed SWMBO and I have been by her and that whilst as parents you always hope your children can learn from you I can safely say that I have learned much from her in return.

I also learned a valuable lesson in computers as I set up her present from SWMBO and I - a Macbook Pro - in that using Apple is so easy after Windows!

The celebratory sombreros courtesy of Pancho's Cantina will feature in a separate post....;-)

So in closing - to my beautiful, witty, intelligent, considerate Holly, a very, very happy birthday!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


Please pass on my congratulations to your daughter on her birthday ... and on her becoming an adult.

All the best,


Anibal Invictus said...

Congratulations! And I know the feeling!! My daughter turned 18 too just befiore the summer... gosh! Time flies indeed

Paul O'G said...

Happy Birthday Holly!!!

Peter Douglas said...


Congrats to Holly. And to you and the Mrs. - this is your best work!

My 18 year old is off at Uni, and comes back in a week for Xmas.


Tim Gow said...

Congratulations indeed. That'll make a nice photo if you crop out that dodgy looking bloke...

El Grego said...

Happy Birthday Holly!

legatus hedlius said...

I know the feeling, My little baby girl, who was so small when she was born her legs didn't reach the legs of her newborn babygro, is now an eighteen year old, 5'8" tall, Kerrang magazine reading Astrophysics student.

Happy birthday Holly!

David Crook said...

Gentlemen all,

On behalf of Holly many thanks for all your good wishes. I still cannot get my head around the fact that 18 years have just flown by!

For the record it was a shirt I was wearing and not a pyjama jacket....

All the best,


Sean said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Holly.

Ray Rousell said...

And another belated Happy Birthday Holly!!!!