Monday 19 May 2014

Next on the painting tray is....

I have just based, undercoated and applied the first dry brush coat to the next eight models for the 1/2400th scale WW1 collection. There are two each of the Queen Elizabeth, Revenge and Orion classes for the Royal Navy, together with a further Lion and finally an additional Kaiser class as the sole reinforcement for the Germans. Whilst I have been in a capital ship painting frenzy I thought that maintaining the enthusiasm with this latest batch would be a good idea so I will tackle them before the destroyers and the Panzerschiffe models. I am planning on having this latest batch of models completed over the following weekend.

I have discovered that one of the advantages of using enamels for this project is that I have to paint 'little and often' as the paint needs to dry properly before moving on to the next coat - which is not usually a problem with acrylics so I am led to believe. Given the limited time I have available during the week due to work this means grabbing the odd half an hour to paint some models is not overly taxing and it fits in quite well with the domestic routine. Probably just as well really as I suspect that SWMBO would take a dim view of me disappearing straight from work into the man cave for hours at a time every night of the week....;-)

You may recall that I mentioned that I had hit a minor problem in respect of the destroyers for the Germans. the only model that Stonewall produce in this category is described as a T class destroyer. To say that this is not helpful is something of an understatement....

After careful studying of Conway's, Jane's and the recently acquired Ian Allen title it appears that the model available actually represents the final dozen ships of the series - T 186 to T 197 (to be accurate the last 11 of the 12 as one was modified to look rather differently from her sisters). The dozen prior to these looked sufficiently close enough in general layout (the main difference with the fifty odd vessels prior to these was that they carried 3 torpedo tubes rather than 4) so will feature in the German fleet but it does raise the problem of acquiring some post 1911 models. Luckily Panzerschiffe cover a number of types and even C in C and GHQ could be used - I reckon I will only need a couple of dozen in any event so we will have to see what we can find in due course.

In the meantime though, the order into Panzerschiffe for the gap filling of the battleships and battle cruisers has been placed and I will posting the pictures and review once they arrive in a couple of weeks.


Simon Quinton said...

Sweet shall look forward to seeing some pics!

David Crook said...

Hi Simon,

Rest assured they will be appearing on a blog near you soon - or rather as soon as I have them painted!

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Looking forward to the QE's

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

They will be on the blog at some point over the weekend. The casting is quite a nice one - which is more than can be said for the R class but that is another story!

All the best,