Tuesday 23 May 2023

More on Patrol and Dark Attack 54mm Fantasy Figures

Following on from my recent boot sale acquisition I thought it would be good idea to share pictures of what the actual models look like on their sprues and so here you are.

The box art from set 5001

Minotaur Renegades

Elite Paladins

Centaur Scouts - these are rather cleverly sculpted in my opinion

Dark Warriors

The box art from set 5002

Orc Warriors

Elf Squad

Tomb Guards - got to have some animated skeletons!

Dwarf Squad - I thought it best to have another picture between them and the Elves for safety sake….

I have already given some thought to the make up of the opposing sides and any reader of fantasy literature will probably be able to work this out but if not my plan is this:

The Forces of ‘Good’ or ‘Light’

Elite Paladins (naturally!)
Centaur Scouts

The Forces of ‘Evil’ or ‘Darkness’

Dark Warriors
Minotaur Renegades
Tomb Guards

Simple.straightforward and definitely stereotypical! The models themselves have prominent detailing which will help with the painting considerably. For my own part I will probably go with a more muted palette than the box art suggests - I am not a huge fan of overly garish looking fantasy figures, the odd splash of colour works well enough, just to brighten the figure rather than saturate it in colour!

Hark at me, worrying about artistic aesthetics!

Whatever next? :-)


Aly Morrison said...

Some interesting looking miniatures there David…
They look quite flash free for figures that size… they do have some very unusual shaped Frames/Sprues.
I look forward to seeing the painted figures….

All the best. Aly

David Crook said...

Hi Aly,

They are definitely an acquired taste and to be honest are rather overdone armour wise for what I would have ordinarily gone for but they are cheap and with mercifully overdone detail so that even I should be able to cope with painting them!

I have a couple of ideas around the brushwork but first of all, some research is required!

All the best,


Donnie McGibbon said...

They look pretty decent to be honest, for the price very good, should make some fun skirmish games that's for sure.

David Crook said...

Hi Donnie,

They are a little wooden in some respects but have a charm all the same. I have just ordered a set of the three boxes available to round out the forces - we are now talking some 76 x 54mm figures for less than 50p each - plus a goodly selection of building ruins to fight over. All I now need are some rules - probably something from the ‘Fistful’ stable or another set I recall but am struggling to think of the name of.

I shall be looking long and hard at my metallic paints and am thinking about basing options etc.

It will be fun in a ‘mighty thewed’ kind of way….

All the best,


Mike Lewis said...

They look good.

Don't know if you are a member, but the Little Wars Revisited Forum I run:


has quite a few 54mm fantasy players.

David Crook said...

Hi Mike,

I am on that board although have not looked at it for ages! I have reset my password though and am looking forward to engaging with other Fantasy gamers.

Many thanks for the gentle reminder!

All the best,