Thursday 22 April 2010

1/2400th Scale Ships and Steel on Sand

I must confess that I had completely forgotten about these little beauties - these being my collection of models produced by Tumbling Dice of various ACW ironclads and steamships. The prompt came about from a post on the excellent and so whilst the looming spectre of yet another half finished project is now back on the radar I am very pleased I dragged the models out.

The blog is well worth a look for anyone interested in small scale projects - painting, modelling and converting - and is one I have found both valuable and inspirational.

The one thing I have done though is to remove the separate bases as most of the models had already been assembled, undercoated and in most cases half painted. I did this solely because I prefer to use a flat, non textured base as I print name labels and ensigns to decorate them with.

Well done steelonsand - a great blog and really inspirational....curse you!!!

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