Friday 16 April 2010


Given my fondness for operational level wargames, I was very pleased to have been able to track down a copy of Tim Gow's rules: Megablitz. I had checked with Dave Ryan at Caliver and between us we had decided they were out of print but a chance glimpse on Ebay found a trader with a number of copies and so the deal was duly struck and a set is now winging its way to deepest Rayleigh. Tim Gow also supports a blog devoted to the rules which covers such things as battle reports ets and can be found at There is also Megablitz website found at which has much of interest including scenarios, battle reports, variants and much more besides.

I own a number of sets of WW2 rules that cover the operational level of war i.e. usually with a base of figures representing a battalion and it is a style of game I would like to explore further. A big advantage of this style of game (which is certainly scenario driven rather than just 'set up and play') is that the amount of 'kit' required is obviously less especially in terms of figures as most battalions only need a few figures per base.

At a basic level (driven by the fact that I own no painted WW2 kit to speak of) I could press Memoir 44 pieces into action should I want to experiment with these rules - this would certainly work in the short term and would not take up any valuable painting time!

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