Sunday, 18 April 2010

Relocation - Phase 1 Complete

All of this weekend has been given over to repainting my son's bedroom, reorganising my daughters bedroom and redeploying a new, double sized bookcase into what is now my 'den'. It has been exhausting - there was much assembling and disassembling of units, trips up and down the stairs and to and from the loft. by early Sunday evening I was aching in places I had forgotten I had but was able to console myself with the fact that the first phase is now complete and all of my military book collection, together with my hardback fantasy and science fiction titles are at last residing in their new home . Next weekend will see my two storage units relocated, together with my desk and the Rayleigh Factorium will reopen for business!


Paul O'G said...

well done Sah!

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

Many thanks - it has been hassle enough just moving upstairs so your numerous relocations must be the stuff of legend!