Saturday 10 April 2010

Balkan Wars, Bases and Boot Sales

I ordered a few extra figures from Irregular Miniatures for the 15mm Balkan Wars collection on Thursday which arrived this morning - I love the speed of delivery from them - and I managed to find out from Ian Kay that the Montenegrins are on his 'to do' list and should be available in a couple of months. This is good news as I wanted to have a contingent of these renowned fighters in the Balkan Wars collection.

I have also decided on the basing criteria I shall adopt for the Balkan Wars and WW1 collections. I am going to use the 40mm DBA derived frontage rather than the Volley and Bayonet version although I shall make some 'sabot' bases for use with V and B set. I have decided this purely on the basis that there are probably more rules around for 15mm using that size of base than any other so simple practicality was the main driver.

Today saw the first of the Saturday Boot Sales so we were out in force this morning to see what was around. Sure enough I managed to secure a few goodies to open my account for this season including a paperback copy of 'The Longest Day' by Cornelius Ryan, a hardback copy of his 'A Bridge Too Far' - this is the 1974 Hamish Hamilton edition - and finally a hardback copy of 'Bounce the Rhine' by Charles Whiting.

My knowledge of the war in the West after DDay is limited to Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge and I have read very little on events in 1945 so the Charles Whiting title was most welcome. 'A Bridge Too Far' and 'The Longest Day' by Cornelius Ryan need little introduction and I think the Market Garden title is one of my most read books on WW2. At the last count this must be around my 6th copy of this and is the first hardback version I have owned. The cost for these three titles came in at a very modest £1.70 so it was a good start to the new seasons boot sales.

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