Sunday 12 September 2010

It was a tale that grew in the telling.....

The big job for this weekend came about as a result of ebay have two free listing days. This means that you can list items for sale and only pay a fee based on their sale price, assuming they sell. As a result I have listed 60 items under my user id of drcroguejedi. Not all are mine I hasten to add and to be honest it is not a difficult task by any means but it is very time consuming.

Also on the agenda was the usual trip to a boot sale and once again several choice items appeared. To begin with I acquired two sprues of Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Men of Gondor - 15 figures in total but minus the bases - for 50p, as well as another 15 copies of the Lord of the Rings magazine - with the figures I might add - for £5. That was a little more than I paid for the last lot (the 54 magazines and figures etc mentioned last week) but the figures will fill a number of gaps. I have the makings of a very nice LOTR collection and thus far it has been pretty cheap.

In the recent LOTR acquisition (the big one as opposed to the smaller one of today) there was a copy of the film tie in photo book for The Two Towers. I noticed that a charity shop in Basildon had the full set of the three titles so when we were shopping there today I was able to acquire the Fellowship of the Ring and the Return of the King for £2.75 each - the proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. These books are quite slim but are large format hardbacks and are full of still shots from the films and so are very useful for painting details for the GW figures that are based upon Peter Jackson's trilogy.

I am undecided as to how best to proceed with this lot in terms of gaming with them. Aside from the skirmish rules that GW produce, supplemented with a large scale battles set, I am thinking quite seriously about using HOTT or even my old friend Tabletop Battles as there is a fantasy supplement included therein that is based upon a grid and is very easy to use.

The final acquisition at the aforementioned boot sale were hardback copies of The War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and one of my absolute all time favourite novels - For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway.

The Spanish Civil War WILL be a period I tackle at some point - once the existing project list gets down to manageable proportions!


Steve said...

The GW LoTR skirmish game and WoTR are very good and worth trying to get hold of. You'll probably find LoTR going cheap on eBay as they issued a new set each film and them an all encompassing one...

David Crook said...

Hi Steve,

I shall certainly do that. I was pretty impressed with the amount of kit I have acquired via the boot sale route for this - over twoo hundred figures, scenery and the magazines; not to mention the photo books of the films - great for colour ideas. Thus far I have spent in total £20 which is pretty good in anyones book - it also dilutes the pain of spending on anymore stuff from GW to support this little lot!

All the best,