Tuesday 21 September 2010

'One book to rule them all............'

I have managed to acquire via ebay an unused copy of the GW Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game for the princely sum of £10 versus the RRP of £35. This will have the virtue of enabling me to dispense with the seventy odd copies I have of the magazine! If previous GW rulebooks are anything to go by then I am sure at the very least the 'eye candy' will be inspiring, even if the rules are not quite what I want!


Andy said...

Just discovered your blog and have reading through it with great interest.

The rulebook you just acquired will not dissapoint you as far as eye candy goes, the rules on the other hand ... It is something personal ofcourse, but they did not appeal to me.

I'm very curious to see what you will be doing with the LotR models in combination with the HOTT rules ! Having recently discovered that set of rules myself I had similar plans for a Gondor army.


David Crook said...


Many thanks for the kind words the blog - it is always a pleasure having new readers.

I am stillwaiting for my copy but as you rioghtly say, the eye candy will be suitably inspiring! I have not drawn up any HOTT list as such just yet but when I do I will post on here for comments.

Te Wapen are another set that I may experiment wth as well as the carnage with these is just what a fantasy game needs!

The GW rules seem to take a little too long to play at a skirmish level so I will probably not use them that often but we shall see.

All the best,