Sunday, 19 September 2010

Lord of the Rings, HOTTs and Memoir 44

I had absolutely no idea that GW's take on the Lord of the Rings was so huge! There must be loads of figures, supplements, accessories and rules included in their range. I checked out their website and was gobsmacked at the selection available! The kit that I have thus far acquired seems like small beer by comparison. I am committed to cobbling together some HOTTs sized forces which should be easy on the logistical side as well as meaning that I will not need the great hordes of figures needed for a full scale Middle Earth epic. By using sabot bases (thanks to Steve Blease for the prompt in this regard) I will still be able to fight Tolkeinesque skirmish level games so the variety of games will be good methinks.

I am also planning to use a set of Battle Cry/Memoir 44 inspired fantasy rules found on the Te Wapen yahoo group which look like enormous fun and have the enormous advantage of using ordinary playing cards for the orders rather than the more usual Command and Colours system period specific types.

These rules look good fun and although the game Battlelore covers fantasy using the aforementioned Command and Colours system, Te Wapen has the inestimable advantage of being free!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


I would be interested in seeing the way they use normal playing cards in place of the existing Commnad Cards. Any chance you could send me a copy of their rules?

All the best,

Bob Cordery

David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

Done as requested. I have actually played an earlier version of these rules and they are great fun for a knockabout fantasy bash with lots of tabletop carnage.

All the best,


Phil Dutré said...


As the original writer of the 'Te Wapen' rules, I was pleasantly surprised to see a reference on your blog. Te Wapen represents my own experiments with card-driven activation, based on the Battlecry.Memoir44 engine. Battlelore wasn't published yet.
The rules as is are very bloody (i.e. lots of carnage and casualties, and perhaps too little control w.r.t. the activation is put in the player's hands.

Although the rules were great fun, I have ventured since then into Napoleonics and 18th century.

Te Wapen rules can be donwloaded from the Yahoo group, or send me an email.

David Crook said...

Hi Phil,

Many thanks for dropping by on the blog! Yes I used the Te Wapen rules a few years back and am eagerly looking forward to doing so again with my GW LOTR stuff. I would be really interested to see your Napoleonic and 18th century sets and if you would kindly email me copies of these to I would really appreciate it.

I also like the sci fi set as well.

All the best and thanks for dropping by again.