Friday, 17 September 2010

The Lord of the Rings - Early Musings

I spent a little time last night sorting through the collection of GW Lord of the Rings figures I recently acquired. All told there are around 200 figures being a mix of plastic and metal. I was giving some thought as to the best way of using these and given the size of some of the forces I am thinking that something HOTTs based would be ideal - especially from a painting perspective. I will need to add some other bits and pieces from GW in order to finish off some of the forces but happily not too much - which is just as well given the prices we are talking about - £16.50 for 6 mounted figures is a little on the eye watering side methinks!

The biggest single lack appears to be mounted figures so by using HOTTs I should be able to get away without needing too many - probably the forces of Rohan will be the most expensive army in the collection.

I had best see what I can do via ebay then!


Steve said...

You could get multiple use by making sabot type HOTT bases (or blu-tacking to card HOTT bases) maintaining resale value! :-) WOTR uses LOTR and sabots so not without precedent.

David Crook said...

Hi Steve, I had considered this and will probably do something similar. I will not be usimg those round cavalry bases though as they take up too much room. What is WOTR then? I am guessing War of the Ring - is that the boardgame by Fantasy Flight?

All the best,