Monday, 21 February 2011

C and C Napoleonics and Hexon

I spent the free time I had this weekend finishing the block labelling exercise for the Command and Colours Napoleonic game I recently acquired. They are now all finished and I hope to post some pictures etc in due course. It was quite a tedious and time consuming process but worth it in the end the blocks look very nice indeed. I am planning to have a first game of this on Wednesday evening at the club and again, will report how this plays out.

One experiment I will try at some point is to use the blocks on my Hexon terrain - it will mean 3d games and there is sufficient space within a terrain tile to be able to deploy the blocks in actual formations (line, column or square) which will add to the look of the thing no end. As I (currently) do not own any Napoleonic figures (except for a Napoleonic Ottoman Turkish force) this will be viable alternative. I will also be able to make use of the 'Town in a Bag' buildings.

More to follow with this one as it develops.

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