Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Paddle Boxes, Rules and the Curse of Working Late

My usual late night home from work yesterday meant that I had little time for model making although I was able to finish the last superstructure of the current batch of 7 side wheel rams/gunboats. I also managed to cut out the facing for 14 paddle boxes - using the curved ends of the legendary craft sticks. My paddle boxes use this harder wood as a former with the softer balsa wood being glued to the craft stick and then filed to shape. I tend to use harder wood on most of the vertical surfaces of my models simply because it handles far better than balsa wood and is not prone to denting or otherwise marking of the surface. Again, time permitting this evening (I will be on an extra late one from work tonight) I will finish the said paddle boxes which will leave me on course to finish the models by the close of play on Sunday.

I am also very close to having the first draft of the play test version of my hex based rules ready for use - I merely need to finish the ship specifications for the models I have in my collection thus far.

All in all then, progress is being made, albeit gradually.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Although ACW naval is not (yet?) my thing I am watching this with interest (particularly regarding your creativity)

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Although there are some lovely models available for this period in scales from 1/2400th upwards I really wanted to build them myself - it was a nostalgia thing as well. The models are representational and can never be considered scale models as the level of detail is very basic - if anything they remind me of the look and feel of Davco 1/3000th ships being somewhat 'chunky'. I suppose when finished they will be almost a naval equivalent to the typical old style toy soldier - and that is no bad thing in my book! It is a fun period to game in and I am looking forward to painting the models and using them on my Hexon terrain - reports and pictures of this will follow in due course - and also the rules I have been working on for the period.

All the best,