Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bigger and Smaller Hulls with a dash of Napoleonics....

I shaped the hulls last night for the CSS Louisiana and Mississippi and they are LARGE! In order to maintain a small degree of relative size differential between the Confederate casemates I have very slightly reduced the hull sizes of the existing models hulls. Merely filing a couple of millimetres off the bow and stern has made a significant but subtle difference in maintaining the relative sizes. This has also served to help maintain the look compared to the Union ships as well so this was an added bonus although they are not true to an exact scale. I should be able to get these two models finished in fairly short order although the 36 gun ports will be interesting....;-)

C and C Napoleonics this evening at the club and I am really looking forward to trying the game out and will report the results in due course.

'Cry Havoc, and let slip the Blocks of War!'


jmilesr said...

I am very impressed with how you are pursuing your scratch built ACW fleets. I have a moderately sized collection of 1/600 scale ironclads (roughly 15 or so ships) but it will pale in comparison to yours when it's completed

Good Show!

I'd like to learn more about your rules when they're ready


David Crook said...

Hi Miles,

Thankyou for your generous comments- they are much appreciated. The fleets came about simply because I fancied building some historical kit from scratch. Most of the ships I have built. Have been at the simpler end of the complexity scale and I wanted the mass effect to cover up any shortcomings in respect of detail. I want to tackle some masted ships in due course and if I can get the technique right then there are a lot of possibilities to explore. I tend to shy away from very detailed models as my painting technique has barely got past the Humbrol enamel stage so basic kit is the order of the day! Once this batch is built I shall be painting and will be sure to post some pictures. The rues are at the play test phase and I will certainly make them available in due course. They are hex based and require great fistfulls of dice and so I hope they will be a lot of fun.

All the best,