Thursday 21 July 2011

Trees a Jolly Good Fellow!

Not quite a forest but it is a start!

At my daughters school - which is a mere 150 yards from my front door - there is a monthly Toy and Train fare. I have lived in my house for a shade over six years and have never been to this fare at all - which is a real shame as it is, by all accounts, a veritable treasure house of goodies. The picture above is the result of a visit to the most recent of these fairs by my good friend, Chris Hardman.

The trees are of course, by Merit and are the ones that I have been after for some time. they came in their original boxes and there are six fir trees and three alder. The sets are complete but the trunk sections are unusable as they have been afflicted by the perennial problem of old polythene - becoming brittle. In fact they snapped very readily but fortunately I have a supply of plastic tree bases from K and M trees acquired some time ago that will suffice.

I reckon I will need another box of each and one of poplar trees and that will be more than enough for my needs. The best piece of news in connection with this acquisition though was the cost - £1 a box.

My thanks once again to Chris for spotting and acquiring these for me and I have made a mental note that when the next fair is on - 28th August - I shall certainly have to pay it a visit!


Paul O'G said...

Nice pickup! Good trees never go astray!

David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

I hope not - it took long enough to get these as it is!

All the best,


Mosstrooper said...

They appear quite regularly on Ebay - prices vary , bought quite a few - none so far going brittle !.

David Crook said...

Hi Mosstrooper,

I intended using the newer plastic trunk/base fittings I had in any event but given the age of the models I am not surprised about the 'brittleness'. It is funny though how it has affected some but but not others. I have only seen these on ebay a couple of time and in each case they went for silly money but I will persevere.

I really want to get some of the hedge sections and also the brick walls if I can in due course.

All the best,