Wednesday 19 October 2011

Fighting on the Beaches....

Right - no more moping, shirking, shilly-shallying about or generally feeling sorry for myself in a 'woe is me' kind of a way! Tonight I plan to run a small play test of the Naval War Game 1890 to 1920 in my new den and thereby cock a snook and thumb my nose at public transport vagaries and shortcomings!

Whilst feeling particularly pugnacious in a Churchillian kind of way I can say that apart from 'Never surrendering' that this will be 'My finest hour!'

Well that is the intention anyway - it remains to be seen if it comes to pass though as I have yet to see if the trains have been fixed!....;-)


Paul O'G said...

Keep Buggering On!

David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

Ooooohhhh Matronnnn!!!!!!

Rum and the Lash perhaps but I would prefer to pass on the other......;-)

All the best,