Friday 14 October 2011

Seek, and Ye shall find....

A curious thing happened on my way home from work yesterday. I was taking my usual path from the station to my house  which runs past a small allotment and a local Scout hut. I had just reached the Scout hut and was pondering drop leaf dining tables for my den when lo and behold - there was a drop leaf table sitting on a pile of material presumably destined for disposal in some fashion! The local Scout group appear to be having a refurbishment of their meeting place and so the table has obviously been deemed as being surplus to requirements. It appears to be in sound, clean and tidy condition and so I shall be contacting the sad Scout group with the intention of taking the same off their hands if I am able (and for a small donation as well).

The Scout hut was locked up and is surrounded by a large fence and although a contact telephone number is plastered all over the main entrance in the poor lighting (it was just after 6:30) I was unable to make this out. I should be OK this morning though and in the meantime I hope it doesn't rain!

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