Tuesday 4 October 2011

Lofty Aspirations....Part 4

Yesterday evening saw the relocation of my rules folders (all my rules sized at A4 tend to be chopped up and with the pages placed in plastic pockets and then in a ring binder) - some twenty or so - and my magazine and miscellaneous archive to the new den in the loft. It was actually quite interesting sorting through the latter, consisting as it does of numerous old magazine articles from various war games publications as well as photocopies of out of print rule sets and even a series of Wikipedia downloads. I resisted the urge to both read and sort these out and so the whole motley selection is now in the loft where it will doubtless sit in its new abode for the foreseeable future. I am sure I will do something with these in due course....;-)

After having relocated this little lot I then stocked up the small bookcase which is devoted to hardback fiction, non military books of various types and military non fiction paperbacks. I have a selection of paperback fiction titles that I will need to find a home for but was actually quite surprised to see that a good chunk of the same I have in electronic form on my PC and safely stored for my electronic reader. This means I can happily dispose of them at some point, thereby saving even more space.

Once all this loft based activity was concluded I then addressed the thorny issue of storing the block armies. This was the work of minutes as the whole collection of three standard and three expanded sets fitted, with room to spare, in an old heavy duty cardboard cutlery box. I will make dividers in due course to keep the forces separate but as a storage and transport facility it is just the job, being very strong and an ideal size. I also began sorting out some other bits and pieces prior to the last stage of the move which will take place on Saturday.

The final part of the move will see the models and terrain relocated and although for many gamers this will be the major part of the undertaking in my case is it far less a problem, simply because my collection is very modest in respect of this. In fact, it consists of three 1/3000th navies (painted), the ACW river models (half finished and with a repair job to tackle), ten painted gladiators from EM4 miniatures, two boxes of Hexon tiles, a couple of shoe boxes of terrain (including the ceramic Greek/Balkan buildings and the famous 'Town in a Bag') and a few other odds and ends!

In my case then the book is by far and away mightier than the model....;-)

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