Friday 9 March 2012

MoBaS - Future Developments

Now that I have core rules 'done and dusted' my thoughts have naturally turned towards how the rules can be developed and expanded for later periods with the obvious inclusion being WW2 and the 1930s which will of course mean aircraft. This will be some way off simply because I have so many things to do in the meantime but another thought came to me earlier today concerning using the rules for fleet scale actions. As they are written they are ideally intended for a player to control around a dozen or so models and to be played during a typical club night of perhaps two to three hours. For this they are absolutely fine but I am less convinced that something larger would be quite so accommodating. With this in mind a further development will be a fleet level version - either a tweaked version of the existing rules or perhaps a standalone set.

I may also apply the system to specific types of naval combat - away from the usual surface action - I am thinking of submarine warfare or even coastal forces. As this will involve a lot of night actions this is where using a grid really comes into its own for naval games. Plotting movement for ships out of sighting range using a map and then transposing the action onto the tabletop becomes relatively straightforward.

There are many paths to explore with this rules concept and over time I fully intend doing so!

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