Monday 12 March 2012

Block and Tackled....Part 3

New labels, same old idea....

One of the things that Bob and I touched upon during out far reaching conversation at Sidcup was what can best be described as the 'prototype effect'. In a nutshell, I have the tendency to rush headlong into projects and happily assume that the first draft is the finished article whereas inevitably it is not! This has tripped me up on more than one occasion in the past - usually around the drafts of rules - as the recent MoBaS episode has testified. With this in mind I decided to be far more systematic in my approach to the labels for the new half sized blocks. Rather than convert the originals (samples of which appeared in part two of this sequence) to the smaller size I opted instead to start from scratch and draw up not one but two master sheets per colour. The first sheet is solely infantry and cavalry labels whilst the second (illustrated above) also includes artillery and command versions. For the olive, brown and grey sets of course there will be vehicles and such things as anti tank guns and mortars. All colours will gain machine gun labels as well.

These look much better and I am pleased I took a little more time and forethought as the finished article looks far more professional. The labels are of a uniform size of 1" by 5/8" and fit the new half block very snugly. Once I have finished drafting all the label types I will make them available via a download as readers may find them useful for campaign markers or similar.

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