Thursday 8 August 2013

Trucks for the Chaco

Very useful and very generic looking - the Zvezda 15mm ZIS-5 truck

At long last I took delivery of the six 15mm plastic Russian trucks produced by Zvezda from my old friend Chris Hardman. These are suitably generic 1930's for use in many differing guises but my plan is to assemble and paint them as per the box - namely as Russian trucks. Initially these will be used with the Chaco collection but I am thinking that they will also serve in the Middle Eastern project when I get around to it.

Many thanks to Chris for these - they are next on the paint tray after the WW1 ships have been painted.


Mike said...

You just can't have too many trucks for 20th Century gaming. Hope they build easily.

David Crook said...

Hi Mike,

They look pretty straightforward - even for me!

All the best,


The Dancing Cake Tin said...

The build is a piece of cake. No flash and a super snug fit for the parts. The mysterious hole under the tailgate did fox me until I looked at the plan again.......

All the best

David Crook said...

Hi James,

They certainly look like a piece of cake - dancing in a tin or otherwise ;-) - and I shall keep an eye out for the 'mysterious hole under the tailgate!'

All the best,