Monday 25 November 2013

In Blocks we Trust....(Still)....Part 3

The artillery labels. By using the same system (the black and white strip) I can at last differentiate between calibre/types of guns in use.

It has been a busy weekend for a variety of reasons with little done on the gaming front. This was not actually a bad things as much of what was done has been outstanding for a few weeks so at least now the domestic list is looking a little more restrained!

I managed to draft up the additional artillery sheet of block labels (see above) and have printed them off. With the other types it means that I now have an additional 360 blocks to label. This is not difficult to do and is something that can be readily tackled when parked in front of the TV. I will need to reorganise the storage boxes somewhat and so have decided that the modern blocks will be stored separately from the core blocks of infantry, cavalry and artillery - simply because I game less often with tanks etc.

All being well this lot should be ready for next weekend and although I shall be equally busy then I am hopeful that I will be able to game in at some point.

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