Wednesday, 28 October 2015

More on Heroscape

Following on from my last post I have managed to acquire another set of the figures from Heroscape as well as a complete copy of the game courtesy of EBay. Aside from the terrain tiles it means that the figure selection now consists of three sets which will be enough for me to be going on with. Dragon Rampant - the fantsy version of Lion Rampant - should be out in December so if I get a move on I should be ahead of the curve for a change with some models ready to go.

The first lot I will be tackling will be the Viking types which are suitably heroic looking and ideal for a fantasy type set up. There are also some Samurai types - more like well dressed Ronin to be honest that look pretty good and should be useful. The rest of the models are mainly sci-fi types (excepting the dragon of course) which is not a problem as I will have a use for them as well.

The great thing about skirmish level games is of course the fact that you do not need a huge number of figures and so are a good option for me at the present especially as even a DBA army presents a real challenge in terms of time to prepare.

The terrain tiles I am especially pleased with as I have a number of plans for these. You may recall that I have a large selection of these that have been flocked and painted courtesy of Bob Cordery which I have used for a couple of games. The plan is to use the additional tiles for a desert type set up (Bob's old set is in grass green) in due course and I may well be tacking this as my Christmas project. My firm shuts down from Christmas Eve until the New Year so tackling terrain will make a pleasant change from eating, drinking and watching endless repeats on the TV!

The blue tiles are also very welcome as I now have sufficient to make a 13 by 9 hex playing area - the standard Command and Colours battlefield - ideally suited to smaller scale ship models. This will enable me to revisit my 1/1200th Ancient galleys in due course and the often mentioned Salamis type project.

Much to ponder methinks.


Conrad Kinch said...

Good man DC there's definitely something to be said for having stuff ready to go. There's a goodly amount of prepainted fantasy stuff out there (check em4 miniatures and the hasbro prepainted figures) if you know where to look.

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


I only wish that I had kept the huge collection of these figures that I acquired when I bought my Heroscape terrain. I know that you had some of them, but quite a few were passed on to a young fantasy gamer ... and I hope that they are still getting fun out of them.

All the best,


Norm said...

Ancient galleys sounds good - I fancy expanding my hex system to blue waters next for some naval gaming. Tumbling Dice (UK) have a good range of smaller models.

David Crook said...

Hello Mr Kinch,

Funny you should mention EM4 - the whole range looks pretty good so I may well dip into it for some bits and pieces.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

Sadly the figures I got from you I got rid of when having one of my periodic clearouts - BIG MISTAKE!!

If the younger gamer has made use of them then that is all to the good - I know of a number of fanatsy gamers that have morphed into historical types over time.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Norm,

My galleys are all Navwar 1/1200th and so they fit on the Heroscape tiles very nicely - they are a little lost on the Hexon version. I have a number of dormant ideas around this that I now have the terrain to realise so watch this spca e (although not too closely....)

All the best,


Paul O'G said...

You ancient galley project is likely going to make me cave on my own long postponed project.
The 1/1200 stuff is very nice - but then I found this...

Probably a bit beyond my own capabilities and resources but, wow...