Friday 24 June 2022

The Portable Charge! Wargame….Part 2

The above needs little introduction from me! The plan is to use this as the basis for the Portable Charge! Wargame - needless to say I have a few ‘tweaks’ to apply!

The blocks of war. Infantry, cavalry and artillery with the black stripe across the bottom used for grenadier/heavy/elite types whilst the white stripe denotes light troops. For the purposes of the game an regular line infantry unit will have two ordinary blocks and one each of the black and white striped types.

Hmm, not a problem as such but I have discovered that the work needed to bring this battle to the chessboard is going to need rather more effort than anticipated. The blocks, roster sheets and the playing surface based on the map have all been successfully scoped out but the sticking point at the moment concerns the terrain itself. Bearing in mind I am looking at using 6cm squares some of the pieces I originally earmarked are simply too large to be comfortable. With this in mind I am going to spend some time making the requisite pieces so it is now unlikely to take place over the weekend. What I shall be doing though, will be trying out my rule amendments so something Charge related should be appearing….

As well as having unit as well as army based exhaustion levels I am also looking at having musket ranges extended somewhat. My thoughts at present are for a two square range with adjacent squares being close and range two being long. This has a bearing on other relative measurements but for what I want to do the additional work will be not too onerous to factor in. I have yet to map this idea on to the Portable Napoleonic Wargame rules but believe that it should fit in well enough.

Melee will stay largely as it is although I shall be still using the ‘sub unit block as a unit’ idea meaning that, for example, a three block cavalry unit would roll three d6 in combat.

You will probably have guessed that this part of the process is something that I enjoy doing and so should it work out it will lay down a marker for future projects.

That is the theory anyway….

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