Tuesday 20 September 2022

ACW Naval Endgame….Part 1

U.S.S. Ozark and….

….C.S.S. Selma minus the supporting frames (designed to maintain the structural integrity of the hull) - both of these pictures are of the Peter Pig 1:600th scale models cast in resin.

At the present time fitting in anything modelling related requires careful planning and so I have reverted to ascending into the man cave for short bursts - usually around half an hour or so - with a quite focused plan in mind. This evening I needed to fashion three funnels and work out a good way to make six pilot houses.

The funnels are for the U.S.S. Ozark (x 2) and the C.S.S. Selma (just the one!) and the pilot houses are for these two as well as four gunboats. As is usual with my rather undisciplined modelling technique the pilot houses enquired a modicum of improvisation but I have nailed what is needed! Very simply it was two lengths of basswood strip glued together and then cut to size.

I also have a far clearer idea of the models left to build - 12 of them are underway with 4 yet to tackle - which sounds a little strange but throughout the life of this project many of the models have started off very much ‘on a wing and prayer’. For me to say that I know what I am building and on the scale I am talking about  - 16 models is just under a quarter of the overall total - is actually a pretty big deal. 

The big push is on now and so I am going to really give it my all as finishing the models and getting the rules ready for publishing has now assumed the status of a wargaming odyssey.

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