Monday 12 September 2022

That Was The Week That Was….

From the first edition of the Test of Honour Samurai Skirmish game - the battle guide has a series of scenarios that get more involved as the players gain experience with the rules.

The rear covers - note the painting guide. The only painting guide I have ever followed in my entire gaming career was the one included in the rules for the GW game Battlefleet Gothic. The models were also the very first I ever painted using solely acrylic paints and they came out really nicely if I say so myself! I will certainly try to follow this when I eventually get to the painting although that is a long way off at present.

It has been a hugely busy few days at Maison Crook as the work commenced on converting our en-suite into a wet room. As is usual when any kind of home renovation/refurbishment/remodelling is undertaken the disruption spreads far and wide. As I type this downstairs at my workstation in the front room - known as ‘the office’ - I am looking out of the window and seeing a whole pile of plasterboard, timber, shower accessories and a tangle of pipes and rubble. Our builder estimates another couple of weeks to be fully finished so the disruption will continue.

Needless to say little has been done in respect of gaming or model making but now that we seem to be on something of a more even keel I am hoping to resume my regular short sessions in the man cave so that the ACW ships can be finished.

I have been catching up on some reading in the meantime and have had a couple of very good conversations over the weekend that have given me a few things to think about so all is well and I am sure I shall be back hard at it in the shipyard in due course.

Matters Samurai related have kind of been front and centre recently - at least reading about the Sekigahara campaign has, along with various sets of rules including those for Test of Honour: the Samurai skirmish game. There is a second edition of this game available and so I would be keen to see what the differences, if any, are. Having gone through the figures available from the collection that returned from Mr Fox I am pretty well set up for Ashigaru - both melee and missile (bow and shot) - but will need to get some more foot and mounted Samurai as there is only 10 of each. I mentioned that Mr Fox had also very kindly sent me a copy of the unit types for use with Lion Rampant which has proven to be very useful in organising what I will be able to field. I also note that there are plenty of suitable buildings available in MDF so terrain will not be an issue when I get to it in earnest.

History Made and in the Making

I have few words to add to the mountain of worthy posts and bulletins concerning the passing of Queen Elizabeth the Second and the accession to the throne of her son, King Charles the Third. Rest in Peace Ma’am and thank you for your unstinting years of service. God save the King.

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