Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Big Bad Benton

I was pretty busy with a few odds and ends yesterday evening but I did manage to start on the hull of the USS Benton. She is big! Her actual beam was roughly half as much again as Cairo class gunboat which in terms of my 'scale' equals 1 1/2 inches opposed to the inch of pretty much everything else I am making. In real world terms this is seventy odd feet rather than fifty. I suppose I should describe her as being 'Benton-esque' as the finished article will be a representation rather than a scale model but which ever way you dress it up she will be rather imposing alongside the rest of the gunboats.

I did a little filing of the edges with the Cairo class models and that was it; resisting the urge to tackle anything more detailed given my last experience with the casemate ironclads - once bitten, twice shy and all that!

The plan is to finish the construction of these four models in time to start painting at the weekend if possible - SWMBO is out Saturday night so I will have the unalloyed luxury of several hours free time which I intend taking full advantage of!

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