Monday 14 May 2012

Back to Block - Moving into the 20th Century

Appearing on a Hexon table near you soon....

I plan to tackle the labelling of the last coloured set of blocks this evening - the olive set. Once this has been completed I can then apply myself to the 20th century units - MGs, Mortars and anti tank guns and of course, vehicles. I have prepared a sheet for the first three which is pictured above. They are very stylised but look the part but they have given me food for thought in one respect. For WW2 I want to be able to use individual blocks for the support weapons as well as in batteries - although the larger formations will feature on a scenario specific basis. What I have opted for is to use a marker for the first hit and then removing the block for the second where I am  using the block to represent single weapons. One to consider when I am testing them for WW2 actions. For WW1 I will probably use the standard two or three block organisation as per the suggested sized in Bob Cordery's Memoir of Modern Battle (MoMBAT). The vehicles are next.

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