Sunday 6 May 2012

Of Books and Buildings and Worthy Causes

Y Villa D'Espana.....

Due to the really grim weather we have been experiencing  - the irony of the fact that since the announcement of a hose pipe ban it has hardly stopped raining - most, if not all of the local boot sales have been cancelled. No doubt walking around a boot sale with several feet of water and mud is not to be encouraged! However, a good alternative source of potential bargains are of course the charity shops. This has the added bonus of the fact that not only are you adding to your own collection but you are also helping a good cause so everyone is a winner. I picked up yesterday the above building which has a label in Spanish on the underside and so is obviously a souvenir. It was a little dusty but scrubbed up well and goes nicely with the collection of similar buildings I have acquired from Corfu last year. It can best be described as Mediterranean non-specific! The cost? A mere 50p.

On the trail of the (Desert) Fox....

The second cost a little more  - £2.99 to be exact - but is a welcome addition to the library and, if truth be told, is one I have been after for a while. I doubt very much if there is a WW2 land gamer that has not heard of Erwin Rommel and David Fraser's biography -  'Knight's Cross - A Life of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel is a great doorstep of a tome that I shall look forward to reading - especially as the desert is an area that I shall look to game in due course.

The two charities that gained from my custom, albeit in a modest way, were a local hospice and the British Heart Foundation - both of which are worthy causes.


Kaptain Kobold said...

I have one of those buildings - I regard it as Latin America non-specific, but the principle is the same :)

David Crook said...

Hi Kaptain,

True enough - probably also for certain parts of the Middle East as well. It is a very nice little model and fits snugly on a Hexon tile.

All the best,