Sunday 27 May 2012

'There I was, at 20,000 feet....'

Artillery, horse artillery, machine guns, mortars and anti tank guns - with vehicles to follow.

It has been a busy couple of days for a variety of domestic reasons but I have made some progress on a couple of fronts. Firstly, I have placed the order for my final starter set of Axis and Allies: Angels 20 and also the decals from Old Glory UK. I have held off from getting the P40s and the Italian aircraft for the time being as I will have more than sufficient to be going on with as it stands! I am really looking forward to making a start on these as using Mr Fox's collection is all well and good (and many of the painting 'tweaks' he has thus far applied look very effective) but I would like to get my own toys at some point!

I have also had a rethink about the block labels and have decided to change the artillery symbol and amend all the 20th century kit. I am going to use standard NATO style symbols with some current US army versions rather than stylised representations of weapon and vehicle types. This will not only be easier to produce but will also ensure that the 3d military map effect (or, the cynical amongst us could observe - the 3d board game!) is closer to what I originally intended. The first of the new types you can see above.

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