Wednesday 30 May 2012

Passing the Khyber and Collecting 200 Figures

The Roghan valley - serene, peaceful and quiet (at the moment).

The North West Frontier has been very quiet of late and I am sure that suspicions in various quarters are abounding with the prospect of myself, as usual, having gone cold on the idea and to be looking to offload the whole lot at a knock down price. To be fair I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion over the years but, in my defence, the Roghan Valley project is very much a long term idea and so progress will be modest and occasional. Suffice it to say moves are afoot and I could not possibly comment any further.... I need to add some additional figures to round off the units so three more boxes of AIP figures will suffice to finish this stage of the acquisition process. I have also acquired suitable paints for the figures - this in itself was a challenge simply because of my time warped 1973 enamel based painting technique being largely unsuitable for 54mm soft plastic figures!

Models aside though, the first actions to take place in this area will be using the block armies in any event and so watch out for some stirrings in the hills as the Jalfrezis consider their opening (and no doubt diabolically nefarious) move against the hated infidels.

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