Monday 11 March 2013

Hex/Mega/Operational Art of Memoir '44 Blitz....

I have not read the above but would like to - and I reckon I know a man (or possibly two) that has!

I have been bouncing emails backwards and forwards with both Bob and, to a lesser extent, Tim in connection with rules for WW2 games set at an operational level. This is the level that sits between the tactical and the army and so includes brigades, divisions and corps.

Now I know that Bob has been beavering away on gelling some ideas around this thorny subject - rather the fixing of the same on a hex grid - and I have also been applying my brain cell to the same. In my case the need, as mentioned in a previous post, is to be able to map or define the command level I am operating at on the table and I want to do this with simple and straightforward mechanics - like Memoir '44 but with history bolted on. That is not meant as a dig, far from it, but it is meant as recognising a need to use some of the exisiting mechanics - which are excellent - with what can best be described as a large dose of 'wargamesness'.

Any wargamer that has played Memoir '44 will know that of which I am speaking and, I hope, empathise with me....

Whilst pondering this subject - and for my own purposes this has a direct bearing on my Middle Eastern project - I have taken the opportunity to prepare some bases for use with my block armies that will work within the rules - whether Hexblitz, Megablitz, Operational Art or even Memoir '44. Using a 40mm square base (the standard for an infantry combat unit in Hex/Mega/Operational Art) I can place a single block. I do not want to fix these in place so I am making a matchstick frame on the card base so that a block can be placed without moving around too much. There will also be plenty of room for the magnetic strength point marker as well. I shall use 40 x 60mm versions for higher command and artillery and 40 x 80mm for armour and transport and such like.The sizes have been chosen especially for the blocks because fitting a 20mm Panzer 4 on a 40 by 80mm base is not going to happen anytime soon....;-)


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Catchy title for a set of wargames rules!

You had better copyright it before Games Workshop doI

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David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

I doubt if I could afford the legal fees....;-)

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