Saturday 23 March 2013

The Turkish Air Force in World War 2

A Turkish MS 406 sporting the 1940 colour scheme. The only difficulty I foresee is the crescent and star on the tail!

An early Turkish Hurricane Mk1 with an alternative colour scheme.

A Hurricane IIc tropical version. Turkey was fond of the Hurricane!

A P40 in Turkish colours

A Spitfire MkVb tropical version.

FW190 - the Turks really liked this type

The P47 which the Turks used to replace the MS406s - a fairly radical change of type methinks!

As you can see from the above the Turkish air force used a wide variety of types during the period of WW2 and I should point out that this does not include the Fairey Battle, Heinkel 111 and the DH Mosquito! For my Middle Eastern project I shall be concentrating on the 1940 to 1941 period so it will be primarily the MS406 and Hurricanes in service. I have four of the former and will need to acquire four of the latter. Having said that, the scheme on the FW 190 (and you know how much I like an FW190....!) does look rather tempting!


Broeders said...

We're looking at 'what if's' during WW2 and the interwar period. Such as Turkey joins in with the Axis and threatens Persia / Egypt and the Allies response.

I'll watch your progress with interest.

Chris Kemp said...

That's a pretty eclectic mix of aircraft!

Regards, Chris

David Crook said...

Hi Phil,

At this point in time I am very much at the collation of data stage as my project will be set in early 1941 - probably. Like you my assumption is that Turkey falls in with the Axis to both threaten Russia and much of the Middle East.

I have some plans around the naval dimension as well and the British and French will be appearing in due course. To start with though it will be the Germans with the Turks and the Russians.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Chris,

You have just got to love it though! Spitfires and FW190s on the same side indeed!

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

A bit like Romanians or Finns but with easier to paint markings!

David Crook said...

Hi Tim,

Very true but the crescent and star on the tail may be a challenge!

I think I may have a cunning plan though....

All the best,