Saturday 24 September 2022

At Last!

An original edition still with the counter sheet and without all the scribbles over every scenario! This copy was originally purchased in the USA, travelled to Athens and from there to Helsinki - from there it came to me although it did take some 29 days!

In the great box of books debacle of a few years ago one of the items lost in the ether was my copy of the original edition of Volley and Bayonet by Frank Chadwick and Greg Novak. It has been a challenge trying to get a replacement that would not cost an arm and a leg. David in Suffolk very kindly let me have a photocopy of the rules and I was finally able to score a set on eBay but these were the set that had copious notes scribbled across all the scenarios. I had basically given up getting a full set and as a last throw of the dice put a shout out on the Facebook Volley and Bayonet group. 

Bingo! A very nice chap living in Helsinki was happy to part with is set and despite it taking 29 days to get here it finally arrived this morning.

What with them arriving and the wet room finally being commissioned as well as Turkish takeaway this evening the weekend suddenly looks rather more appealing!


Norm said...

Fab rules, easily deserving a reprint, glad you got a good condition set.

David Crook said...

Hi Norm,

I am so pleased to have got these back in the collection! I have a lot of ideas to play around with using the block armies to go with these rules - next up will be the ACW supplement which is easier to come by I believe.

All the best,