Sunday, 14 March 2010

Axis & Allies: War at Sea - Reinforcements

Enthused by the list of models yet to come in the next expansion for War at Sea; I sat down and ordered the additional models I wanted to complete the current organisation I have for both the Mediterranean Royal Navy and Italian Fleets. As mentioned previously there is a healthy market in single models available on ebay and so I was able to secure my immediate requirements with relative ease; albeit from a number of suppliers.

For the Royal Navy I managed to get a couple of HMS Warspite models which will serve as HMS Valiant and HMS Malaya. I have no desire to add the other two from the class at the moment - three will suffice! The purist will be able to spot the differences but I doubt if Wizards will ever produce the correct models so this will have to do.

For the Italians I have acquired four of the Orsa class torpedo boats, four of the Re 2001 fighters and a Guiseppe Garibaldi class light cruiser. I have yet to tackle the French but they will be next as ideally I would like to have everything based and named before the new expansion is released.

Roll on June and Condition Zebra - I am looking forward to seeing an R class battleship, as well as the Narvik and Soldati class destroyers.

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