Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Memoir 44 Too Far............

Due to a variety of circumstances I was unable to get very much tackled yesterday other than to punch out the last of the counters from the various supplements I have recently acquired for Memoir 44. All I need to do now is to organise a filing system for the rules etc. I always put most of my rules in plastic wallets and ring binders simply so as I can add or remove pages at will and ensure that the pages stay clean. Disintegrating rule books with well thumbed and grubby page corners is a bete noir of mine so I always strive to keep them protected.

I am very impressed with the scenario packs – particularly the double sized maps printed with the terrain in place and these are designed with the Overlord supplement in mind. Basically the Overlord supplement uses a double sized standard 13 x 9 hex board and the games are designed to be multi player with ideally two teams of three and an overall C in C. This looks like a lot of fun and would be ideal for a club night game and so I am giving this some serious though and will suggest this on Wednesday. One of maps is a stylised version of Operation Market Garden which would be enormous fun to run as a club night game and has many of features that would capture the imagination of even the most cynical of gamers. Lots of ‘elite’ troops, desperate defending, King Tigers and the chance to use quotes from ‘A Bridge Too Far’ at every opportunity – sounds pretty compelling to me!


Paul O'G said...

You must find a way to have the movie on in the background! The bulge supp is similar and great fun!

David Crook said...

Hi Tas,

Bulge supplement? Which one is that as I have not seen it and would love to try it........reminds me of the film with Robert Shaw, Henry Fonda and, IIRC, Telly Savalas.

All the best,