Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Axis and Allies: War at Sea - New Additions

I have mentioned my acquisition timetable for the War at Sea fleets in the run up to the release of the next expansion in June. Thus far I have everything I need courtesy of the final arrivals this morning - namely a pair of HMS Warspite models, or rather a Queen Elizabeth class Battleship. Sadly the Warspite was fairly unique looking in terms of the various rebuilds that the class received (some more than others!) but in the absence of the correct models (and the likelihood that Wizards will ever make them!) the additional copies of Warspite will suffice. These will probably serve as HMS Valiant and Malaya as and when they based and named.

On the subject of ship basing I am now actively looking for a suitable replacement shade of blue to use. Repainting the existing model bases will be a pain but it will be worth it in terms of the aesthetic appeal - they will photograph a whole better with lighter bases and a lighter cloth.

Sadly, at the time of writing, the new Japanese battleship for the Pacific fleet of Mr Fox - the Nagato - has yet to arrive and is probably still winging it's way across the Atlantic.

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