Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Morschauser at the Charge!

This evening will see myself and Mr Hardman embarking upon (for me certainly) a piece of pure wargaming indulgence. We are testing the most recent draft of Bob Cordery's version of Morschauser's grid based rules to stage a refight of one of the most famous battles in wargaming history - the Battle of Sittingbad from Charge!

We shall be using Mr Hardmans 11 x 17 4" squared cloth and his superb collection of 28mm early WW1 figures for the refight. The units will be made up of two Morschauser style for each Charge! equivalent i.e. eight figures (2 x 4) equal a Charge type regiment. This is huge difference in terms of numbers but it will all be relative.

I will post the outcome on the blog on Thursday - it promises to be a lot of fun and I will try and get some pictures for posterity.

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