Sunday, 14 March 2010

Balkans and WW1

After a herculean effort I am happy to announce that the Bulgarians are fairly close to completion so pictures will be forthcoming in due course - I shall be tackling the bases during the week so all being well next weekend will see the grand unveiling.

I have also been very industrious in respect of the first of the Peter Laing early WW1 collection. The British have been taken off the bases and organised into units. I now have six twelve figure infantry battalions organised into two brigades of three. The first brigade consists of advancing figures and the second of standing firing. Each unit consists of four bases of three figures including a command base comprising an officer, a marching figure and either a standing firing or an advancing figure depending on the brigade. The bases are 40 x 20mm. I have two HMGs issued at one per brigade, as is the artillery, as I only have two models of each. I am putting the HMGs on a 40 x 30mm base as it looks a little lost on the 40mm square. There is a 40 x 30mm command base for each brigade and a 40mm square army command base as well. The cavalry I have not touched yet but will comprise a unit of twelve figures based in twos and split between the brigades - three bases each.

This is fairly compact and will be more than sufficient for my purposes - especially within the context of the rules that I shall be most likely to use.

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